// HOPE Summerfest 2012 Campaign Photography

blacmao shot HOPE’s 2012 promotional campaign, a retroawesome evoking of 1982 to celebrate HOPE’s 30th year. Shoot day was a blur of parachute pants, crimped hair and fanny packs along with select 80’s tunes (the good stuff) blasting on the BM sound system. We danced (and shot) with tears in our eyes…

HOPE is a volunteer-driven, not-for-profit events management organization that raises funds for community-based charities. HOPE’s Volleyball SummerFest event combines recreational volleyball with live rock entertainment. Each year, more than 25,000 players and spectators flock to Mooney’s Bay Beach in Ottawa for the greatest summer party in the region. These participants have helped HOPE donate over $3.5 million in support of more than 110 local charities.

Design/Art Direction: Chantal Lancaster

Makeup: Yelena Perunov

Hair: Ilona Bohlmann

Models: Dana Fish, Olexandra Pruchnicky, Robert Mather, Delia Dixon and Matlen Newcombe

Thanks to Holly Tarrison at HOPE


*created for BirdDog Design